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Innovative Test Systems for Production, Development and Service
In-Circuit Tester Functional Tester Components Tester Inline Tester Semiconductor Tester Boundary Scan Test AOI Tests
News High Speed Digital Module DM1G with 16 or 32 MSteps, programable bit rate up to 1.5 GS/s and 6 GS/s timing resolution in burst mode New module XIMP20 for measurement of small capacitors and coils SQL-export/import functions in “CT - Test Data Logging” TCP/IP Interface - server und client functionality included into CT-Control Program ParetoX-diagram - graphical visualisation of test process in real time Repair station with server based logging and repair data management High Speed Color Analyzer CDM24 Analog Module AM30-4B, 30 V, 300 mA, 24 bit
Special Features  Powerful tester operating system CTestAdvisor interpreter based open system test sequencer control of CT3xx combinational test systems true integration of external devices, systems and software CAD and test data import automatic test program generation test coverage analyzer, logging and statistics easy connection to quality management systems paperless repair  Sampling rates 1500 MS/s digital and 5 GS/s analog  Programmable levels, frequencies  Teach-in functions  Flexible concurrent use of different test methods  Replacement for different test and measurement devices In-circuit Test, Function Test,  Boundary Scan Test, AOI-Test Functions in a single Test System
CT3XX Tester family - what does that mean for you?   Free scalable modular technology   Uniform tester bus system   Uniform tester operating software   Interchangeable modules between all tester types   Tester resources as required              Flexibility and low costs
Our customer requirements determine principle and direction of our tester developments.  Know-how, elaborated over more than 25 years, is used for testing electronic devices, components and IC’s. We deliver test systems and complete test solutions.
CT350 Comet PR
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Inline-System at Siemens AG with Dr. Eschke CT300 Meteor Inline-System at Digades with Dr. Eschke CT300 Meteor