Functional Test and In-Circuit Test     ICT test points: max 2736   CAD Data import   Automatic program generator   Powerful debugging tools   Test coverage analysis   Paperless repair station   Logging- and statistic functions   Full graphical functions   Panel and multisite tests   Fast adapter exchange   High Pin Count-Interface   On table optional usable shelf part
CT350 Comet T with High Pin Count Interface, Monitor and integrated PC
  Innovative combinational test   Mixed signal tests   1500 MS/s digital, 5 GS/s analog   Amplitude resolution 24 bit   Current measurement resolution 1 pA   Controlling power supplies up to 10 kW   Fast pulse measurement procedures   Interface Tester <=> PC: High Speed USB   Short test times, high throughput   Modular system   Concurrent engineering   Complete problem solutions   Fast and reliable support Very good price-performance ratio
High Pin Count Interface
Special advantage:       Very fast adapter exchange
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